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Trentino-Alto Adige

The stretch of Valdadige (the Valley of the River Adige) which lies in southern Trentino is called Vallagarina. Here, the vineyards border the river at the foot of Monte Baldo and the Lessinia Mountains. The land is fertile and marked by the presence of towering mountains, as well as by the vigorous course of the Adige River, which splits through the middle of the vineyards and at the same time caresses the fields. This our native land, where grapes are still grown using the Pergola Trentina vine training system, terraces down from the mountains to the river, and the composition of the soil varies from morainic to alluvial. The microclimate is influenced by the proximity of Lake Garda and defined by important day-and-night shifts in temperature. Consequently, discovering the right exposure to the sun is the secret to making our wines healthy and delicious.

Vigneto Monte Baldo

Monte Baldo

The vineyards in Crosano, on Monte Baldo, are rooted in black basalt, i.e. ground with a rocky surface! The grapevines grow on narrow, steep terraces at an altitude typical of chestnut and fir trees. The brightness in the mountain air makes the landscape seem to sparkle, stimulating the vegetation to the point of amplifying photosynthesis.

Characteristics of the territory


600/700 meters above sea level


Mostly cool to cold, perfect for mountain whites


Plants in basaltic soil, cultivated using the Pergola Trentina vine training system

Vigneto Vallagarina


Going south from the town of Rovereto, in Vallagarina, the soil is enriched with sediments transported downstream by the various Pleistocene glaciations and by the retreat of the glaciers. Such sediments include dolomite, limestone, porphyry and basalt, but there is also soil with fluvial limestone and fertile substance from the Adige River itself. In combination with the morphology (flat or sloped) of these different deposits, there is extremely complex viticulture zonation to consider, in the search of the most suitable place and best equilibrium for making the ideal choice when planting the different grape varieties.

Characteristics of the territory


The last stretch of the Adige River between the mountains


Mostly cool and very windy, with important shifts in temperature between day and night


Calcareous and alluvial types of soil


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