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The testimony of an area and voice of a community

Four hundred years of winegrowing, with infinite passion for the finished product. In the Adige Valley, the history of the Armani family and that of viticulture have been going on together since December 7th, 1607. It is a collective story, which from that moment onwards bears the name of a family. From the constant study of the history and origins of a place and its wines, to researching the local autochthonous varieties, the recent history of the Albino Armani winery stands for respect for the territory and its people. We believe that research is the process necessary if one wishes to improve the land, and create a product which constitutes its identity. Today we continue our quest, imagining an increasingly sustainable future, where the quality of our product is the perfect consequence of knowledge and responsibility. Because tradition alone is not enough.

Four centuries that have become tradition, a tradition that every day teaches us method, respect and tenacity. And it stimulates me to still grow. With the conviction that mine is the most beautiful job in the world, that pushing my hands into the earth to make wine, is the best thing I could ever do in life. I am inspired by a simple and at the same time powerful thought: to respect the land and the places where I grew up, where since I was a child, together with my father, I played among wine barrels and vineyards, where I learned that life is mine … and life is wine. Then, over the years, I learned to love and respect other territories, especially Valpolicella and the Marca Trevigiana (in Veneto), as well as the winegrowing region of Friuli. Gradually these territories have also become “mine”.

Albino Armani

A four hundred year story

Let’s start with the birth of Toniolo Armani, since he is our first known, i.e. documented, ancestor.
Simone Armani bequeathed to his son Domenico plots of land "with trees and vineyards".
So, the Armani family left the Val di Gresta and moved to Chizzola di Ala, in the Region of Trent.
Albino, together with his wife Enrica, began to market their wine, which until then had been only for family use in a subsistence economy.
Then Antonio Armani began to supply bulk wine to other wine cellars in the area.
After that, Antonio Armani moved from Valdadige Trentina to Valdadige Veronese and founded the Dolcè winery.
Later on, Albino Armani, Antonio's son, decided to bottle Valdadige wines for the first time.
"Foja Tonda" is born from years of specific research on the endangered grape varieties of Valdadige.
By and by, Albino Armani ventured out to the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
“Foja Tonda” was included in the register of officially cultivable varieties.
Casa Belfi, Albino Armani’s biodynamic project, was born from collaboration with Maurizio Donadi.
Construction began on the Marano di Valpolicella winery.
The entire company production was eventually certified as totally sustainable.
Albino Armani - titolare della cantina


Albino is a link in the history of a family which for generations has been in the world of wine, with never waning passion. The ability to do something that remains over time is the greatest legacy that he received, and that he transmits daily to those who support him in this wonderful winegrowing adventure. It is in the area of Triveneto that Albino has his strongest sense of belonging. Here he continues to invest, and is still developing truly ambitious projects. He’s a protagonist in the protection of endangered autochthonous grape varieties, in creating ever greater environmental and social sustainability, and in doing research to discover new methods of growing grapes and making wine. Since 2016 he has been the president of the “Consorzio del Pinot Grigio DOC delle Venezie”.



Egle is the ambassador for the company brand and has been a permanent partner of Albino since the start of the new millennium. She’s got a natural talent for human relations, and strongly believes in a humanist approach to the world of wine, which has proved invaluable for the creation of solid commercial relationships based on the sharing of values with her customers. She deals with strategic foreign markets and is also very active in wine tourism, authoring an ample concept of the ``wine experience``, where she applies her knowledge of landscapes, territories and their wonders.

Egle Capilupi - Cantina Albino Armani
Egle Capilupi - Cantina Albino Armani
Su di noi


Egle è ambasciatrice del brand aziendale e affianca stabilmente Albino dagli anni 2000.
Dotata di una naturale predisposizione per le relazioni umane, ha fortemente creduto in un approccio umanista al mondo del vino, rivelatosi prezioso per la creazione di rapporti commerciali solidi e basati sulla condivisione di valori coi propri clienti.
Si occupa di mercati esteri strategici ed è impegnata sul fronte enoturistico concependo la “wine experience” in una forma ampia, che abbraccia la conoscenza dei paesaggi, dei territori e delle loro eccellenze.

Albino, Egle and Federico Armani


We were born for this

We see ourselves as in a dream of creating new and different types of wines, which are sustainable, reflect local identity, and which are open to the world.

Alberto Massaro


Manuel Tonolli


Marco Campostrini


Laura Policante

Export manager

Dario Distefano

Sales in the Americas

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Massimo Rizzi

Stefano Corradini - addetto campagna e cantina Albino Armani

Stefano Corradini

Countryside and Winery
Claudio Golfarelli - addetto campagna e cantina Albino Armani

Claudio Golfarelli

Countryside and Winery

Federico Armani