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The reason for making this choice

It is by choice that we, for generations, have belonged to high altitude territories. These are places we know and in which we can feel our identity. It is here in the mountains and in the high hills that we know our people, our language, and we see the pride in the eyes of those who understand us. We have always been involved in the development of this brave land, the foothills of the Dolomites and Lessinia Mountains. We belong to this land, like the stones, the rivers, and the plants, and we are born to pass on their knowledge and to give back harmony, fragrance and teachings.


Sustainability for our family is an ancient value, which in other times would have been called wisdom or common sense. We believe in the virtuous integration of environmental, social and economic sustainability. Respect for places and for the community is at the heart of our vision, in constant search that finds its deepest meaning in enriching and safeguarding the ecosystem and the people who have always inhabited it.

Sostenibilità Albino Armani

The Conservatory

Since the 1980s we have been researching and investing in some ancestral grape varieties. Our ``Conservatoria`` vineyard houses 13 of them, among the hundreds which in the meantime have disappeared. Two of them are back in production and have been in our catalogue for several years. Actually, our “Foja Tonda” boasts more than 30 vintages, and it ages beautifully! “Foja Tonda” proves to be a wine with immense potential and it would have been absurd to lose it forever. The other one is our “Nera dei Baisi”, a very ancient grape variety of which we are the only producers.

SQNPI Certification

All the wines made from our own grapes are certified according to the protocol of the National Quality System for Integrated Production, i.e. following production methods with low environmental impact, and that aim for progressive reduction of chemical treatment, in order to restore cultivation to a state of equilibrium with nature.