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  • Rosé Spumante Prosecco Albino Armani

    The elegant powder pink color together with the brilliant and fine perlage, make this wine very attractive.
    The bouquet expresses scents of roses, toasted almonds and vanilla that you will rediscover on the palate where the elegance of Pinot Nero meets the roundness of Chardonnay.

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  • The Grave Friulana is a particularly suitable area for the cultivation of the “Glera” vine and therefore it was included in the appellation of origin (Prosecco DOC). Its stony and loose soil, the significant temperature shifts and the ventilated microclimate, make the grapes express their unique characteristics and, together with a careful vinification, result in an elegant Prosecco. In the glass you will find a surprising fine perlage, a fruity and fresh bouquet enriched with mineral notes. The sip is delicate and creamy and recalls the same scents you perceived on the nose. The finish is long, pleasantly sapid and mineral.

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  • Among indigenous wines from Friuli, Ribolla Gialla is the one with the oldest documented tradition, dating back to the year 1299.

    Today this variety results in wines made in different styles, while maintaining an informal and sincere profile.
    In our version,  it is a pulpy and savory white, enriched by a short maceration on the skins that makes it more consistent on the palate while preserving a nice freshness.
    Lively and vibrant, with bright acidity, this wine reveals fruity and mineral scents, nuances that persist in your mouth with salty and crisp suggestions.

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  • Ribolla Gialla Albino Armani

    The stony soil of this area, the strong thermal shifts and the long rest on the yeasts, make this Ribolla a sparkling wine with a refined and persistent perlage that combines the minerality of the terroir with the floral and citrus fragrance.
    This “metodo classico” (Champenoise method) from Friuli, is a wine of great personality, obtained from the indigenous Ribolla Gialla grapes grown in our vineyards in the area called “Grave”, at the feet of the Alps, north of Venice. Freshness and acidity are well balanced on the palate. The wide sip and the dry, long finish invite you to a second glass.

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  • Vino Clè Albino Armani

    In Trentino Alto Adige, from the mountains around Brentonico to the slopes in Vallagarina on calcareous and basaltic soils, the Chardonnay and Pinot Nero grapes merge into wise balance making this “Trento DOC” elegant and unforgettable.
    Enriched with a refined and persistent perlage, it keeps fresh and fruity notes of citrus and honey in the glass, together with crispy hints of yeast. The perfect balance between acidity and structure makes this wine particularly pleasant.

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  • Prosecco-Rose-DOC-extra-dry

    Irresistible to lady enthusiasts and made in Italy sparkling wine lovers, our Prosecco Rosé will be keeping the vibrant freshness of Albino Armani Prosecco and is created by using 90% of Glera grapes enriched with 10% of Pinot Noir.
    The Pinot Noir gives our new wine both a refined rosé color and a more structured and complex perlage.

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  • Moscato, an aromatic wine par excellence, is traditionally consumed in the sparkling version to better appreciate its impressive fruity and floral bouquet and the bright golden color. On the nose it offers intense and captivating fragrances that recall citrus, orange flowers and mature peach. On the mouth it is soft and slightly sweet with a long, fresh and mineral finish. Its fine perlage enhances the wide array of aromas.

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  • Spumante biodinamico - Casera Frontin Spumante Brut NatureSold

    In a small vineyard surrounded by woods in the area of Belluno ( Veneto region) at 420 m asl, a multitude of colors perfectly harmonize as in a painting: in the soil, wild herbs and flowers, then a vineyards plateau of an intense green color and further up the white of cherry and apple trees blooming. A painting that smells of nature, biodiversity, love and transparency. In this charming atmosphere, where space and time seem to stand still, the project of Maurizio and Fabiola, farmers in Valbelluna, was born: a biodynamic viticulture based on natural vinification methods that are simple and respectful of time. In this Spumante Brut Nature the characteristics of this place are expressed by delicate floral and fruity notes that evolve in fresh and mineral sensations on the palate.

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