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  • Piligrin in Friulian language means pilgrim, a person one who in ancient times would travel the Cammino del Tagliamento, along the Tagliamento river, through the Lands of Plovia, to reach Venice, and then embark for the Holy Land. In your glass Piligrin is vibrant red, the nose is intense and polyphonic, and it recalls small red fruits, such as currants, blueberries and plums, and you even get a nuance of morello cherry jam. There are notes of cyclamens and violets followed by sensations of fresh and minty herbs. The finish has a hint of bitter cocoa and licorice root. Piligrin has a lively character on the palate, supporting the aromatic persistence given by its intriguing Piculit Neri grape variety.

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  • Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso Albino Armani

    Ever since antiquity Refosco has been considered a very renowned wine. Even the ancient Romans appreciated its character and the intense, dark color of the grapes.
    In the course of the centuries, Refosco has found its “home” in Friuli. During the feasts, of which we still have historical memory, it was enjoyed together with other autochthonous Friulian wines such as Picolit, Ribolla and Ramandolo.
    Refosco dal “peduncolo rosso” (with red stem) is considered to be the best among the various Refosco varietals. It stands out for its lively ruby red color. The bouquet can range from dried herbs to flowers, fresh red fruit and dark spices. The toasting notes are developed by the brief aging in wood which at the same time softens its vibrant tannins.

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  • A small vineyard at the entrance of our winery, welcomes the visitor. It is the “Conservatoria”, a collection of old indigenous varietals in danger of extinction from the Adige Valley. Among these, you will find the Nera dei Baisi. This vine gave us great results in terms of aromatic profile during the microvinifications carried out in collaboration with the Research Institute of San Michele all’Adige in Trentino.
    It is a red variety and the only surviving vine was found hanging down from a balcony in a small hamlet called “Baisi”, in the Trentino region.
    Nera dei Baisi has a bright ruby red color and an intense bouquet of ripe strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. In the mouth it is fresh and fragrant, silky, with low tannins, very easy to drink, with a well balanced acidity.
    Given the good results of aging in wood, we have decided to move on with this project and planted a small vineyard of Nera dei Baisi from which we obtain about 2000 numbered bottles per year.

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  • The excellent, renowned quality of this grape, makes Marzemino one of the greatest protagonists in the vine-growing culture of Trentino Alto Adige. The wine is best known for its mention in the opera Don Giovanni by Mozart (“Versa il vino! Eccellente Marzemino”!).
    The area called Vallagarina is its traditional cradle where it grows best: here Marzemino finds ideal pedoclimatic conditions to express its unmistakable organoleptic characteristics: the ruby red color with aubergine flecks, the bouquet with intense scents of violet, plum and blueberry. On the palate it is distinguished for its sweetness and intense fruit in good balance with the tannins. It’s a smooth, velvety red to be enjoyed by people who appreciate every sensory nuance.

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  • The mountains in Trentino are the ideal environment for the cultivation of this vine which is characterized by an innate elegance.
    Pinot Nero requires great care both in the vineyard and in the cellar in order to obtain an excellent wine that is easy recognizable in the glass for the typical garnet hues.
    This intriguing wine releases a complexity of sensations. Its warm and silky texture offers aromas of small red fruits and underwood that evolve into a masterpiece of balsamic notes, truffles and licorice.
    On the palate it is fresh, elegant and well balanced, recalling the typical bouquet of this varietal.

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  • Amarone Albino Armani

    The heart of Valpolicella Classica holds the oldest memories of grape drying techniques.
    Here, among vineyards on stone wall terraces and ancient hamlets, our Amarone defines the unique identity of the Marano valley, with a game of transparencies, changing fragrances of ripe fruit, dark spices and hints of chocolate and coffee.
    On the palate it surprises you by its unexpected freshness, typical of wines produced on high hills, by its balance and pleasant tannins that make it a wine suitable for long aging.

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  • Amarone Cuslanus

    The heart of Valpolicella Classica keeps the oldest memories of grape drying techniques.
    Here, among vineyards on stone wall-terraces and ancient hamlets, our Amarone defines the unique identity of the Marano valley, with a game of transparencies, changing fragrances of ripe fruit, dark spices and hints of chocolate and coffee.
    On the palate it surprises you by its unexspected freshness, typical of wines produced on high hill, by its balance and pleasant tannins that make it a wine suitable for long ageing. Our Amarone Riserva is named after Cuslanus, an ancient god worshipped in Valpolicella at the time of the Etruscans more than 2000 years ago. Cuslanus was connected to the idea of the passing of time, just as this wine needs a long time to fully express its complex personality that evolves into balsamic and ethereal scents, endowing each glass with elegance and balance.

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  • Recioto Albino ArmaniSold

    Already known in Roman times, Recioto represents the pearl of Valpolicella preserving the old drying grapes technique in a hilly landscape dotted with small hamlets and vineyards on stone-walls terraces, the typical “marogne”.
    Intense garnet red color with violet hues. On the nose intense mature red fruit recalling of cherry in sour brandy, chocolate and coffee.

    Bottle size: 0.5 l

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  • Valpolicella Egle Classico Superiore

    This wine is an authentic expression of the terroir of Marano’s high hills in the Valpolicella Classico area. It is here where the volcanic soil and the fresh climate with intense thermal shifts are decisive natural elements enhancing its elegant personality.
    In the glass the ruby-red color is bright and refined, the bouquet is crisp as the fresh air of the hills this wine springs from, recalling their fragrance: red fruit, plum and cyclamen imbued by a light balsamic note.
    The sip is welcoming but nonetheless vibrant and sapid, with an aromatic persistence of rare elegance.

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  • AA_W_Valpolicella-Ripasso-Superiore

    The Valpolicella Ripasso wine is the result of a traditional technique that consists in pouring the fresh Valpolicella wine over the still warm and sugary pomace of the Amarone, increasing its structure, body and flavour.
    In the glass, the changing transparencies of the ruby red color merge into a bouquet that recalls blackberries, ripe cherries and dark spices together with minty notes. The ageing in wood enhances its elegance and balance. The fresh and long finish is pleasantly fruity with a hint of dark chocolate.

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  • Foja Tonda Casetta Albino Armani

    The Casetta, called “Foja Tonda” (round leaf) in local dialect, is an indigenous red grape variety cultivated since ancient times in Valdadige, between the regions Veneto and Trentino. Since the market favored other more prolific grape varieties, little by little Foja Tonda disappeared until it became almost extinct. Luckily, Albino Armani rediscovered it in the 1980’s. The wine making team is still involved in research related to the genetic improvement of this ancient varietal.
    Today Foja Tonda is considered the symbol of our company and is included in the “Conservatoria”, a collection of old indigenous varietals from the Adige Valley, witnessing the passion that binds us to our land.
    This wine, with its distinct personality, enchants and intrigues the wine lover with its ancestral origin. It is recognizable for its scents of dried prune, wild cherry, cinnamon, tobacco and musk that underscores its wild origin. On the palate it is fresh and persistent. It evolves splendidly with balsamic and ethereal aromas after a few years of ageing.

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