The wine we know how - and want - to

We’ve inherited collective winegrowing knowledge from the generations that preceded us. The fruits of our work are the legacy for those who, after us, will safeguard and improve what we’ve discovered. From the protection of endangered varieties, to the constant defense of the ecosystem, we only pour into chalices wine that for us represents our best legacy.
Today, more than ever, Albino Armani means “inheriting for the future”.

Albino Armani barricaia - Cantina vini

Our values


Each one of our wines is the result of research that enhances every component of the production process, to become the maximum expression of its terroir.


Every one of our winegrowers plants seeds destined to germinate and remain in the soil for many years. Our vision is long-term, aimed at the future of the territory and the well-being of the people who live here.


We are born to create value, respecting the value already present. The relationships with our customers and suppliers are diriment for all our choices.


We produce in three territories, with five cellars, each of which was born with the precise intention of enhancing the teachings of its native land.


The SQNPI marking certifies the environmental, social and economic sustainability of every step of the supply chain, to create wines that are good by nature.


Our wine comes from the elements with which we feel most comfortable: the air of our mountains and the water of our rivers. And we make the best of these conditions.


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Among the mountains of the Trentino Alto Adige region where the climate is fresh and windy, this vin

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Pinot Grigio Colle Ara Albino Armani


In the Adige Valley the climate is characterized by intense thermal shifts and constant wind. These

Casa Belfi Naturalmentefrizzante Bianco


To let Nature take its course respecting its rhythms with mindful interventions both in the fields a

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