Nera dei Baisi

A small vineyard at the entrance of our winery, welcomes the visitor. It is the “Conservatoria”, a collection of old indigenous varietals in danger of extinction from the Adige Valley. Among these, you will find the Nera dei Baisi. This vine gave us great results in terms of aromatic profile during the microvinifications carried out in collaboration with the Research Institute of San Michele all’Adige in Trentino.
It is a red variety and the only surviving vine was found hanging down from a balcony in a small hamlet called “Baisi”, in the Trentino region.
Nera dei Baisi has a bright ruby red color and an intense bouquet of ripe strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. In the mouth it is fresh and fragrant, silky, with low tannins, very easy to drink, with a well balanced acidity.
Given the good results of aging in wood, we have decided to move on with this project and planted a small vineyard of Nera dei Baisi from which we obtain about 2000 numbered bottles per year.

  • + - Description

    Grape varieties: Nera dei Baisi.
    Production area: Valle dell’Adige in the Veneto region.
    Soil composition: soil of alluvial origin.
    Growing systems: traditional “pergola veronese”.
    Vinification: maceration on the skins and fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The aging takes place partially in steel and partially in wood. Long rest in the bottle.
    Food pairings: Nera dei Baisi is a unique wine. We prefer to leave you the pleasure of choosing the best food pairings. We think it is ideal for every day meals.
    Service temperature: 14-16 °C.

  • + - Indications for the disposal of the packaging
    BOTTLE GL71 Glass
    CAPSULE C/ALU90 Aluminum and metal
    Dedicated separate collection or separate collection for organic waste
    CORK FOR51 Cork

    Always check your municipality's collection system

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