Refosco dal peduncolo rosso

Ever since antiquity Refosco has been considered a very renowned wine. Even the ancient Romans appreciated its character and the intense, dark color of the grapes.
In the course of the centuries, Refosco has found its “home” in Friuli. During the feasts, of which we still have historical memory, it was enjoyed together with other autochthonous Friulian wines such as Picolit, Ribolla and Ramandolo.
Refosco dal “peduncolo rosso” (with red stem) is considered to be the best among the various Refosco varietals. It stands out for its lively ruby red color. The bouquet can range from dried herbs to flowers, fresh red fruit and dark spices. The toasting notes are developed by the brief aging in wood which at the same time softens its vibrant tannins.

  • + - Description

    Grape varieties: Refosco.
    Production area: north of Venice, at the feet of the Alps, in the area called “Grave Friulana”.
    Soil composition: loose and well aired soil, mainly composed of typical calcareous white river stones dragged down by the Alpine brooks.
    Growing systems: guyot.
    Vinification: fermentation in stainless steel tanks with frequent reassembly. Maturation in stainless steel tanks followed by a short rest in wood.
    Food pairings: excellent with a variety of dishes based on red meat and with aged cheese.
    Service temperature: 16-18 °C.

  • + - Indications for the disposal of the packaging
    BOTTLE GL71 Glass
    CAPSULE C/ALU90 Aluminum and metal
    Dedicated separate collection or separate collection for organic waste
    CORK FOR51 Cork

    Always check your municipality's collection system

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