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  • Albino Armani - olio

    Our olive grove is located on Morainic hills south east of Lake Garda, an area traditionally suited to the production of an extra virgin olive oil with unique characteristics.
    From the indigenous varieties Casaliva, Leccino, Favarola and Grignano, we obtain a complex, refined and medium fruity oil, with distinct vegetable and fruity scents.

    Bottle size: 500 ml

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  • Obtained through the soft discontinuous bain-marie alambic still distillation process, using the dried grape pomace of our Amarone produced on the high hills of Valpolicella Classica.
    Colorless and crystal clear, the intense bouquet recalls the skins of the dried Amarone grapes, with light hay hints and great complexity. On the palate it is smooth and persistent, elegant and dry, with light scents of ripe fruit.
    The aftertaste is long, rich and delicate at the same, typical for a grappa that has been distilled from red pomace.

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