Foja Tonda – Magnum 2017

The Casetta, called “Foja Tonda” (round leaf) in local dialect, is an indigenous red grape variety cultivated since ancient times in Valdadige, between the regions Veneto and Trentino. Since the market favored other more prolific grape varieties, little by little Foja Tonda disappeared until it became almost extinct. Luckily, Albino Armani rediscovered it in the 1980’s. The wine making team is still involved in research related to the genetic improvement of this ancient varietal.
Today Foja Tonda is considered the symbol of our company and is included in the “Conservatoria”, a collection of old indigenous varietals from the Adige Valley, witnessing the passion that binds us to our land.
This wine, with its distinct personality, enchants and intrigues the wine lover with its ancestral origin. It is recognizable for its scents of dried prune, wild cherry, cinnamon, tobacco and musk that underscores its wild origin. On the palate it is fresh and persistent. It evolves splendidly with balsamic and ethereal aromas after a few years of ageing.

  • + - Description

    Grape varieties: Casetta or “Foja Tonda” in local dialect.
    Production area: Valdadige between the regions Veneto and Trentino.
    Soil composition: morainic and alluvial, rich of stones.
    Growing systems: traditional “pergola trentina” and guyot.
    Vinification: vinification is extremely respectful of the uniqueness of this grape. Soft reassembly in order not to damage the skins. The wine ages in large oak barrels.
    Food pairings: while still young it goes well with braised and sauced meat or rich first courses. After some time it is excellent with game and roast meat.
    Service temperature: 16-18 °C.

  • + - Awards
    Vinibuoni d'Italia 2021
    annata 2016 - 4 Stelle
    The WineHunter Award 2019
    annata 2015 - Attestato di Eccellenza
    Guida dell’AIS Veneto 2019
    annata 2014 - “Tre Rosoni”
    “Vinum Anni 2017” Via Claudia Augusta
    annata 2013 - Medaglia d’argento
    Guida ai Vini d’Italia VITAE (AIS) 2017
    annata 2012 - 4 VITI
    Guida Slow Wine 2023
    annata 2018 - Vino Slow
    Falstaff Wein Guide Italien 2023
    92 punti
  • + - Indications for the disposal of the packaging
    BOTTLE GL71 Glass
    CAPSULE C/ALU90 Aluminum and metal
    Dedicated separate collection or separate collection for organic waste
    CORK FOR51 Cork

    Always check your municipality's collection system

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