Casera Frontin Spumante Brut Nature

In a small vineyard surrounded by woods in the area of Belluno ( Veneto region) at 420 m asl, a multitude of colors perfectly harmonize as in a painting: in the soil, wild herbs and flowers, then a vineyards plateau of an intense green color and further up the white of cherry and apple trees blooming. A painting that smells of nature, biodiversity, love and transparency. In this charming atmosphere, where space and time seem to stand still, the project of Maurizio and Fabiola, farmers in Valbelluna, was born: a biodynamic viticulture based on natural vinification methods that are simple and respectful of time. In this Spumante Brut Nature the characteristics of this place are expressed by delicate floral and fruity notes that evolve in fresh and mineral sensations on the palate.

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    Grape varieties: Pinot Grigio, Johanniter, Bronner and Solaris..
    Soil composition: medium textured soil, with rocks and clay substrate. Nutrient supply through manure, microorganisms and homeopathic preparations.
    Cultivation methods: Guyot Pousard.
    Vinification: the grapes are harvested manually. After 3 weeks of maceration, they are pressed very gently and the must is then refined in terracotta jars. The following September, the second fermentation in the bottle occurs by adding fresh must.
    Food pairings: unusual and fresh aperitif, it’s a nice match with raw or fried fish and battered vegetables.
    Service temperature: 8-10 °C.

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