The heart of Valpolicella Classica holds the oldest memories of grape drying techniques.
Here, among vineyards on stone wall terraces and ancient hamlets, our Amarone defines the unique identity of the Marano valley, with a game of transparencies, changing fragrances of ripe fruit, dark spices and hints of chocolate and coffee.
On the palate it surprises you by its unexpected freshness, typical of wines produced on high hills, by its balance and pleasant tannins that make it a wine suitable for long aging.


Grape varieties: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella.
Production area: high hills in the Valpolicella Classic production area between 300 and 500 m. a.s.l.
Soil composition: calcareous deposits on volcanic rocks.
Growing systems: traditional “pergola veronese” on stone wall terraces called “marogne”.
Vinification: after a careful selection in the vineyard, the grapes are placed in trays and left to dry in our drying loft called “fruttaio”, located on high hills. This “appassimento” process is very slow, in order to support the concentration of sugar, structure and aromas. In the first months of the year following the harvest, the grapes are gently pressed and a long and slow fermentation in contact with the skins takes place. The wine is aged for a long time in big barrels before bottling.
Food pairings: you’ll appreciate every sip of this wine paired with meat or seasoned cheese.
Service temperature: 14-16 °C.

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