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Friuli-Venezia Giulia

In Sequals, in the heart of the Friuli Grave DOC wine region, the grapes grow in lean soil, composed of more than 80% gravel and stones, called ''claps'' in the local language. Winegrowing here means accepting the austere profile of sometimes harsh nature. Among the stones of Sequals, however, grapes with intense and characteristic aromas are born. The rigorous architecture of the cellar, with its copper-lined walls, blends with the landscape that surrounds it. Here, between a sea of stones and gravel and the panorama of the Carnic Alps, ancient beauty and cutting-edge technologies coincide. The result is wines with an unmistakable typicality: there are some autochthonous types, but there are also international grape varieties that adapt to the particularly lean soil of this territory.

Grave Friuliana

The Friuli Grave wine region and
its Magredi highlands

In our vineyards in Lestans, ancient peat sediments speak of ancient lakes which have disappeared, and at the Albino Armani vineyards in Valeriano our grapes even dare to grow in clay. The territory of the Magredi highlands reflects the fatigue of the Friulian people, with their grape vines that struggle to survive in such ground, searching for nutrition among the stones, among scrubby herbs, yielding small fruits … but of infinite flavor. The land, facing and so near the Alps, suffers from sometimes rather violent climatic conditions. Our vineyards are situated in the northernmost part of Friuli, where the breeze comes from the Adriatic Sea, cooling down when it reaches the mountains, and creates an extreme temperature range between day and night.

Characteristics of the territory


The Friuli Grave Highlands, between Udine and Pordenone, at the foot of the Carnic Alps


Extremely variable, very windy, with a remarkable temperature range between day and night


The soil ranges from the Magredi stony areas, with fluvial streaks of limestone pebbles, to ground composed of mostly clay

Vigneto Friuli-Venezia Giulia

The secret of stone: discover the essence of Friuli's products

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