Trentino – Vallagarina

Travelling up the Adige River, into the Region of Trent, one reaches the Lagarina Valley, better known as Vallagarina. Between the towns of Ala and Avio, the grapevines thrive in the gorge between Monte Baldo and the Lessinia Mountains: the soil is fertile, although contrasted by the formidable mountains and the rushing Adige River, and you experience an atmosphere which is both dramatic and gentle at the same time. The fields, which are cultivated with grapevines, still using the ancient Pergola Trentina method, slope down from the hills towards the river , and the soil composition varies from morenic to alluvial.

The area boasts a microclimate, on the one hand influenced by the warmth of nearby Lake Garda, and on the other hand characterized by intense temperature fluctuations: within this context of unique factors, I have now discovered the perfect exposure to the sun, and consequently the secret of Vallagarina winegrowing.